Making Kids Go to Church?

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“I don’t want to force my kids go to church. I want them to chose for themselves.”

Oh, really. Do you make them go to school? Or do you give your children the option to chose for themselves whether they will go to school or not?

“Of course the kids don’t have a choice about school. They have to go to school.”

How come?

“Because going to school is important for their future.”

I see.

I see.

Really┬átells you a lot…

Inoculated from Faith

Modern medicine is a beautiful thing.

I would not be alive today without the modern medicines to reduce my cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and triglycerides.

Because of modern medicine, in the western hemisphere, we’ve been able to rid our society of measles, chickenpox, polio, and a host of other diseases that used to devastate people.

I am no doctor or chemist, but I do believe the way our vaccines work is by injecting small doses of the actual disease so that our bodies can build an immunity against those diseases.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.48.34 PMI think this is happening with the Christian faith. We are giving our children just enough faith to prevent them from ever experiencing the full affects of Christianity.

We want our faith to be safe, comfortable. We don’t want faith ruling over our lives. We just want just enough faith to keep us safe and comfortable. We want all the good stuff of faith without having to deal with all that obedience stuff and changing our life stuff.

So we inoculate our children with just enough faith so they won’t ever be infected with the full on Christian faith.

We wouldn’t want them to be crazy about Jesus or anything like that…