Now What? What Shall You do?

Once again, we find ourselves on the aftermath another senseless tragedy. The biggest question for all of us is, “Now what? What shall you do?”

It pains me to admit it but there is a part of me that finds the bravado of Donald Trump attractive. I would love for our military to go and kick some terrorist butts.

But then what? What’s changed? What’s different? All that we would have accomplished is to gain even more who hate America and all that America stands for.

So, “Now what? What shall you do?”

I challenge you to hope, to love, to be gracious, to be kind in face of unspeakable atrocity. The only thing that can change hate is love. The only thing that can change hopelessness into hope is grace and kindness.

It is easy, animalistic to treat well those who treat you well, and to desire to hurt those who hurt you. It takes mature human beings, it takes those who follow the way of the One who chose the way of the cross to offer grace, hope, kindness, and love.

So, “Now what? What shall you do?”

Choose love. Choose grace. Choose hope. Choose to be kind.