Here’s Why I Will No Longer “Like” on FB

Screenshot 2018-03-30 at 10.31.11 AMI have been concerned about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. So like many people I downloaded the information Facebook has about me…and it’s pretty spooky.

Facebook has a record of everything I have ever posted, everything I’ve ever clicked on, everything that I’ve liked…pretty much anything you’ve ever done on Facebook. I get that.

But what I don’t like is that I don’t have rights to my information. Once I click, watch, listen, save, post on Facebook, it is no longer my information, but that information belongs to Facebook. And this is what Facebook uses to charge advertisers and such.

I get that Facebook has to do this to make money.

What I don’t like is I don’t trust Facebook to protect my information…hello? Cambridge Analytica?

So, since I have some time to chill out at home, I’ve gone through and deleted pretty much all information about me on Facebook as I can…it took over 2 hours…I know you don’t have that kind of time…it’s a lot of time unless you’re resting after a heart procedure like me.

I got to the point where it was so frustrating deleting things that I actually cosidered deleting FB altogether.

But here’s the reason why I didn’t.

Facebook is a fantastic tool. It is a wonderful way of staying in touch with people. If I were to delete Facebook, I really would miss our interactions. Because Facebook for me is really about relationships.

That’s the reason why I am no longer going to “Like” any of your posts!!! And I invite you to do the same. Here are two reasons why I will no longer “Like” any of your posts.

  1. I don’t appreciate having my information used by anyone else for their purposes – Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, advertisers, etc
  2. It’s lazy. “Like”ing something requires almost no thought. And my friends are more important than that. I use Facebook to interact with you because I value you. Therefore, I will make time to comment on items rather than clicking “Like”.

So will you join me in using Facebook as a tool to help us stay connected?

A Generation of Retarded Christians

Compassion – has its roots in Latin, where the compound word literally means “to suffer with”.

Patience – has its roots in Latin, where the word literally means “long-suffering”.

Retard – means to delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.

We live in a mobile world. It is not uncommon for people to move multiple times in one’s life time. It is a true rarity to find someone who lives where they were raised.

This mobility not only applies to homes and neighborhoods, but also how we form communities and congregations. It is inevitable that people move for jobs, marriage, divorce, and a host of other reasons.

But this mobility comes at a price.

When we move, we naturally look for people we like and get along with to form our communities and congregations. And when we don’t like the people we’ve been hanging out with in our communities or congregations, the temptation is to find another community and congregation where there are more agreeable people. And pretty soon, the only people we surround ourselves with are people we agree with and people we like and people who like us…at least for the moment, until we don’t.

All this hopping around has damaged us. It has delayed and held back our progress and development as a people.

For Christian community and fellowship develops and matures when there is a commitment to grow deeper with the same people and same place. It requires constancy. It requires a commitment to work through differences. And sometimes, it requires a commitment to love people we don’t agree with and people we may not even like.

That’s how communities grow. That’s how we mature. It’s the entire working through difficulties and differences that allow communities and Christians to mature and grow.

Deep communities are patient and compassionate. They are communities made up with people who are willing to enter into the pain of those who are suffering, and suffer as long as those who are hurting are suffering.

Deep communities are made up with people who are committed to one another, to work through disagreements and dislikes for the greater good.

Deep communities are hard. Deep communities take time…lots of it. Deep communities are messy.

Community and meaningful relationships is what we were created for.

Compassion – has its roots in Latin, where the compound word means “to suffer with”.

Patience – has its roots in Latin, where the word literally “long-suffering”.

Retard – means to delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.

Genuine community and Christian maturity is shaped through compassion and patience.

Our culture is developing a generation of Christians who don’t know how to suffer with and long-suffer with a community of people. Our mobile, consumer-based, happiness-based Christianity is developing a generation of retarded Christians.

4 Bypasses, 11 Stents and Counting…

On left: pre-procedure blocked artery; On right: post-procedure cleared and stented artery

Woo hoo! The procedure was successful. The surgeons were able to unclog the arteries and placed 5 stents to help keep the artery open.

  • Four bypasses (the wire things on the pic are where they tied the rib cage together after the open heart)
  • 11 stents – I’m going for a record. No I’m not. But as long as they don’t have to crack open my rib cage again, they can put as many stents as necessary!

How do I feel?

The fog has lifted. You know how when you’re really tired or when you’re sick, you feel like you’re slogging through water and there’s an over-all sense of fatigue? That’s how I felt for a few months now. That is, until today. For the first time in months, I feel alert. The fatigue and weariness is gone! Woo hoo! I’ve been turbo-charged!!!

What’s the plan?

I will be resting at the house for a few days. The entry points for the procedure need to heal. Should they start bleeding again, because it’s one of the largest arteries in the body, I could bleed out in no time. So, the plan is to chill and let my arteries heal.

The goal is to worship with the Little Church and Lakewood Grace folks on Easter Sunday!

I am thankful that our doctors have the technology to keep me alive. I will keep watching my diet, exercise, take my meds and do my part. As I’ve been saying, as long as God has things for me to do around here, God will continue to keep me around.

Thank you all for your prayers, calls, and texts.