Taking Captive Every Thought to Make it Obedient to Christ

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“…and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5b).

Long before a sin is committed, that sin has been entertained, dreamed about, fantasized, planned, imagined in our thoughts.

When you see a beautiful woman, a handsome man, a beautiful car or motorcycle you can’t help but notice the beauty. Thoughts happen. There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s what we do after the original thought that is the problem. When we allow inappropriate thoughts to dwell, that’s on us.

Thankfully, most of us don’t go around committing the sins we think about. What we struggle with is our thoughts.

I find Paul’s admonition and challenge encouraging and helpful. Paul tells the Corinthian church, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

  • Demolish
    • The Greek word for “demolish” means to “take down,” “pull down,” “overthrow”
    • Demolish what? Demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God
    • Something other than the truth of God has set itself up as the authority and the standard of truth in our lives. We are called to demolish, take down, pull down, and overthrow anything that goes against the knowledge of God
  • Take captive
    • The Greek word for “take captive” means to subdue, subject
    • What are we to take captive?
  • Every thought
    • We are to take captive every thought. The good, the bad, the ugly. All…all..every thought
  • For what reason?
    • To make it obedient to Christ!


I love this!

  • We have the word of God to tell us what God’s will is
  • We have been given the authority, the responsibility to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ

Imagine taking every thought captive in order to make it obedient to Christ! Wow!

You Don’t Have to Like Everyone in Order to Be a Great Church

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You don’t have to like everyone in order to be a great church.

It’s quite likely there are people in church who get on your nerves. And you can be sure there are many for whom you grate their nerves.

If there is a gathering of people in your church, there will be times you are absolutely flabbergasted because of their support for President Trump or because of the way they can’t stand President Trump, because of their views on gun rights, view of the homeless, etc.

And when you see or hear such people speak, you can’t help but think to yourself, “I could never be friends with such people.”

Did you know that’s actually a good thing?

Let me clarify.

It’s not a good thing if that’s where you stop – divisions, clicks, disunity based on interests and loyalties. That’s what everyone else does.

It is absolutely a good thing that there are a diversity of people and views present in the church. God put them there! God placed a diverse people in the church so that the church can show the world that people can disagree on issues and still absolutely care for, love, honor, and respect one another. Few other human organizations are able to pull this off. But this is exactly what the church is called to do and be.

The reason why the church can move beyond human loyalties is because our commitment to follow Jesus trumps all other loyalties.

Jesus is Lord!

You don’t have to agree nor support people’s views and opinions. But we are absolutely called to respect, honor, love, and care for all people.

Why? Because, Jesus is Lord!

Fantasy Football and Spiritual Growth

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I am in a Fantasy Football League.

Because I play Fantasy Football, I’ve find myself following a bunch of teams and games that I would otherwise never have had any interest in. Why? All because I have players on my fantasy team that are playing on those teams and in those games. I find myself tracking a half dozen games on any given Sunday to see how my guys are doing.

I’ve noticed there are those who never checks on their team. In fact, they regularly play guys that aren’t even playing because their teams are on bye weeks or they are injured.

They are not interested, and therefore, they are not engaged.

Think about that last statement. They are not interested, and therefore, they are not engaged.

I think this tells us some things about how people approach spiritual growth.

In order to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ, there are some things we must practice. Here are some spiritual truths:

1. Connect

In order to be successful in Fantasy Football, you’ve got to regularly connect to ESPN or Sports Center to see who’s playing well and who’s not. You’ve got to see who the opposing teams will be. You’ve got to keep track of injuries. You’ve got to stay on top of schedules. That’s all part of connecting.

The same is true for our spiritual maturity. There is no way to grow and mature as Christians when we do not regularly connect with a local body. There ought to be a group of people who we regularly do life with, people who will pray with us and encourage us, people who will celebrate and experience life with us. We have to have a community with whom we regularly connect.

It’s by connecting in worship, bible study, or small groups with others engaged in the work and ministry of Jesus Christ that we are going to stay on top of what God is up to in our communities and how we can best engage with God where he’s already at work.

2. Engage.

But not only do you need to connect, you’ve got to also engage. You’ve got to engage with your team. You’ve got to be committed to winning and doing well. You’ve got to do your home work. I regularly find myself analyzing my players, the defenses they will be facing, the match ups. I do my best to put in the guys I think will perform the best that particular week.

And here’s one of the greatest spiritual lessons I’ve learned. Engagement is the result of connecting. I am engaged because I am connected. Engagement is the byproduct of having a people, a cause, a mission, a church where we are connected.

You want people to engage, help people to connect.

3. Invest

Because I’m committed to winning, I find myself interested in games and teams that I would have never cared about before.

The reason why I care what the Patriots are doing is because Tom Brady is my starting QB. I’ve never cared about the Patriots. In face, of all the teams in the NFL, they are my least favorite team. The only reason why I care now is because of the players on my fantasy football team.

In a perfect world, the Patriots would lose all the rest of their games, but Tom Brady would have an amazing season!

You see, to start caring for the things that God is concerned about, and being passionate about the ministry and mission of God will only happen as we connect and engage. Investment comes as a result of our connection and engagement.

If you are not connected and engaged in your church’s ministry, you have no investment in the future of your church. You won’t care what happens.

Connect – Engage – Invest

That’s how you win fantasy football games, and that’s how you win in your spiritual journey.