You Don’t Have to Like Everyone in Order to Be a Great Church

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You don’t have to like everyone in order to be a great church.

It’s quite likely there are people in church who get on your nerves. And you can be sure there are many for whom you grate their nerves.

If there is a gathering of people in your church, there will be times you are absolutely flabbergasted because of their support for President Trump or because of the way they can’t stand President Trump, because of their views on gun rights, view of the homeless, etc.

And when you see or hear such people speak, you can’t help but think to yourself, “I could never be friends with such people.”

Did you know that’s actually a good thing?

Let me clarify.

It’s not a good thing if that’s where you stop – divisions, clicks, disunity based on interests and loyalties. That’s what everyone else does.

It is absolutely a good thing that there are a diversity of people and views present in the church. God put them there! God placed a diverse people in the church so that the church can show the world that people can disagree on issues and still absolutely care for, love, honor, and respect one another. Few other human organizations are able to pull this off. But this is exactly what the church is called to do and be.

The reason why the church can move beyond human loyalties is because our commitment to follow Jesus trumps all other loyalties.

Jesus is Lord!

You don’t have to agree nor support people’s views and opinions. But we are absolutely called to respect, honor, love, and care for all people.

Why? Because, Jesus is Lord!

One thought on “You Don’t Have to Like Everyone in Order to Be a Great Church

  1. I hate it when I see someone chewing gum or a man wearing a hat. Some people seem to think the time when the psalm is sung is the time to turn to their friend and talk. Like it’s not an important moment. Like it’s not a prayer. Aaaahhh!!

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