The Reason Pope Francis has Influence

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.46.06 PMMore than any other Pope in recent history, people love Pope Francis.

This is remarkable given the public ire the Catholic Church has had to deal with in recent history regarding their very public cases of sexual abuse by her priests.

Pope Francis seems to have turned all that around.

What is it about Pope Francis that people are drawn to? Why are people so intrigued by Pope Francis? How come he has become the beloved Pope of, not only the Catholic Church, but the world?

One word: integrity.

In carrying his own bags, living in a simple apartment, turning down the life of luxury, making his own phone calls, answering his own emails, being around and serving people, taking the metro, etc. the world sees what faith in God ought to look like.

The world understands that faith looks more like strength in humility, grandeur in service, power in simplicity, and the miraculous in the everyday life than strength in power, grandeur and opulence, and influence through power.

Pope Francis is beloved and has influence because his life matches his faith.

And friends, that’s where our influence lies too: when our behavior matches our beliefs.

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