What Does God Want for Christmas?

ImageEvery year about this time, the whole country goes gift buying crazy.

That’s the way we do things around here at this time of the year.

I hate going to the mall.

I don’t even like going to the mall when it’s not the Christmas season. I swear, there’s some supernatural life sucking force at the mall. As soon as I get there, all my life force just gets sucked out of me and I have to find a Starbucks and take a seat.

So you can bet that I’ve made a conscious effort not to go anywhere near the mall right now. It’s crawling with crazy people. I know. My wife’s already been out there a couple of times.

She’s not one of the crazy ones. She’s confirmed that everyone else is crazy out there.

And without much thought, most of us Christ-followers follow right along getting busy making lists and making shopping trips.

That’s just the way we do things around here at this time of the year.

I am all for gift giving, because it’s one of the few times during the year where we’re forced to focus on people beyond ourselves, and I think that’s good. But I wonder if, in all our busy-ness, our gift-buying, our list-making, Christmas party attending frenzy, we’ve ever considered what God might want for Christmas? I wonder if that thought has even ever crossed our mind?

What do you think God might want for Christmas?

What is something God might need?

What do you think would make the heart of God leap with joy this Christmas?

If we take this – giving God a gift for Christmas – seriously, it just might totally change how we look at Christmas. It just may totally change our lives and someone else’s life too as we consider what God might want for Christmas.

So before things get much crazier with the shopping and the making of lists, won’t you take some time to sit with God and consider what he might want for Christmas?

It just may make this Christmas the most wonderful Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas Jesus!

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