God Creates; Mothers Raise; We Kill

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God Creates

Mothers Raise

We Kill

That was the graffiti that greeted the team from my church when we were visiting one of the favelas (slums) of Belo Horizonte.

We were told not to wear jewelry, watches, carry money, cameras or other things of value while we were walking through the favela.

This is a place where violence is too common, life is cheap, and where the drug lords reign.

With no prospects for jobs and education, if you’re born in a favela, the likelihood is you will die in a favela.

God Creates…Mothers Raise…We Kill.

It’s dark. It’s evil. It’s reality in the favela.

As we were nearing our walking visit to the favela, another graffiti was pointed out to us that read:

Kindness generates more kindness.

What an amazing contrast to the earlier graffiti.

These two graffiti represent two ways of looking at life.

You don’t have to live in a favela to know which one leads to life and which one perpetuates death.

Particularly when death and darkness seem to be all around, that’s when the light of kindness shines most bright.

Choose kindness.

Choose life.

2 thoughts on “God Creates; Mothers Raise; We Kill

  1. So you visited a favela in Belo? I’m glad–because I have visited one of them three times over the last several years, and a part of me is still there. But so is the church; the Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil has small and growing congregations all over–working to bring Christ and positive change. Those people are dear to my heart–and I hope they are to yours as well!!

  2. John, I agree. There will always be a place in my heart for our friends in Brasil. I’ve been working with Presbyterian churches in Brasil for the past ten years or so and have made multiple trips there in that time. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting. Blessings to you and your ministry!

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