Where Sufferers Suffer Alone

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“Americans are among the loneliest people in the world.” – George Gallup Jr., The People’s Religion

Looking for someone who truly understands, and accepts and loves me anyways…

Longing to know that someone has my back, no matter what. Someone who I can count on no matter what…

Looking for someone?

The truth is, we all are. No one wants to be alone.

But when it comes to having a people to belong to, having a place to call home, having a people to call home, we’re all lost. And we’re not the only ones. Our entire culture is lost. No one knows how to create, be a part of, and build this community.

We are together…all alone.

Of all the places, the church ought to be different. The church ought to be a place where we can find our place, find our community, find our home.

But all too often churches are nothing but a stale, irrelevant place where sufferers suffer alone.

Where sufferers suffer alone…

This can’t be what Jesus envisioned for his church. This can’t be what Jesus died and rose again from the dead for.

Whatever else the church does, the church must figure out how to be the community God designed for us to be for this generation.

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