All is Meaningless —– If You Don’t Know Jesus

All is meaningless…

I get that.

I just returned from visiting with my uncle in South Korea who is dying of throat cancer. He has been battling the disease for a couple of years and the disease is getting the better of him. This once vibrant, strong man is literally half the man he used to be. He has a tube in his throat so he can breath, and a tube to his stomach so he can eat.

My uncle is a good man. He is a good husband and a good father. He is also a wealthy man. My grandfather left a sizable inheritance to all his children.

He has everything that a man could want.

Yet, as I spent time with him while cancer is destroying his body, I couldn’t help but wonder how non-Christians deal with the most important questions: the questions of life and death.

If this is all there is to life, this existence, this life…if this is all there is…all is truly meaningless.

If this is the end…if there is nothing more after my uncle finally loses his battle against cancer, then all this – his wealth, his life, his current suffering, his current struggle to fight against cancer – all this is absolutely pointless.

There is one more thing about my uncle who is dying of cancer…he’s also a Christian. He has no doubt about where he will be once he draws his last breath. He knows that he is merely passing through in this earthly life. Whether the cancer gets him now or later – this is not his home. He is created for eternity.

The aim of his life is to bring glory and honor to God in all that he does, all that he has, and all that is strives for…even his dying. It’s all for the glory of God.

I really feel bad for those who don’t know Christ as Lord and Savior. I don’t know how people can cope with death if earthly life is all they know.

But that’s just the thing. You too can trust in Jesus. You too can become a child of God by receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior by confessing that you are a sinner in need of God’s grace and receive God’s gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

What’s there to lose. If I am wrong about the whole Jesus thing, you still end up living a good life. But if you are wrong about the whole Jesus thing, you will end up losing everything.

All is truly meaningless…if you don’t know Jesus.

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