When Kids Grow Up…

When kids grow up…

For the most part, it’s cool to see your kids grow up. They gain their independence and it’s fun to see them becoming adults.

But I really miss the days when my kids were little kids.

I miss it when they used to run up to me, “Daddy!!!!! with their hugs and their kisses.” I miss Karis’ amazing sparkle in her eyes, Kaitlin’s cute husky voice and her twirling around the house, Kailey’s wide-eyed wonder in the world around her, and Kaleb’s gentle loving spirit. I miss my little ones…

The hardest part of kids growing up is that they grow up. They start making their own decisions…and sometimes decisions that go against your wishes…and there’s not a darn thing I can do…because they are adults…they have to make their own decisions and live with them…and in the process break their hearts and break yours…

The hardest part of kids growing up is that they grow up.

Oh…I miss my little ones. Things were so much simpler back in the day when they were little.




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