E Pluribus Unum

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.27.56 AM.pngE Pluribus Unum…

Recognize it? Ever seen it?

It’s on the Great Seal of the United States. It’s on US currency.

E Pluribus Unum…

It’s been a de facto motto of the United States since her founding.

It means “One from Many.”

When the founders of our country were working on the constitution and how they thought the country should be made up, their intent was to have 13 distinct states that make up one nation. “One from Many.”

They also recognized that they were a people from many different backgrounds: British, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, etc. Even though each came from different backgrounds, they would be united as one nation.

E Pluribus Unum…

But unity doesn’t just happen. In fact, unity is elusive. So how does many become one? What is the uniting factor?

For the founders of our country, it was a dream. A dream of a nation where people can freely live out their convictions without the threat of persecution. A dream of a nation where people of different backgrounds and nationalities would come together to form a greater nation that promised freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all people. And most importantly, a dream of a nation that would find herself living under God.

Living under God…

“In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States. I don’t think that’s an accident. It’s only God who can unite us. It’s God from whom unity comes. Everything we do as a nation, everything we are as a country is based on this fundamental understanding – “In God We Trust”.screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-11-45-54-am

Without that, unity is merely a dream. Without binding ourselves under God, unity will never be reality.

You can not like this. But you cannot change our history.

E Pluribus Unum…One from Many…is only possible when it is “In God We Trust.”

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