Wait, You’re Still Not in a Small Group?

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I get far more done at Starbucks than I do in the office or at home.

People often wonder how I can concentrate when there is so much noise in a typical coffee shop.

Yes, there are usually people having conversations and talking on the phone at these coffee shops. The noise, the voices at a typical coffee shop is a part of the background buzz. That background buzz, for whatever reason, helps me concentrate.

But when I am either at home or in the office and someone speaks, my brain cannot block out those voices. It’s impossible. I’ve tried. But when my wife or kids speak, my brain automatically tunes into what they are saying. Their voices penetrate into my consciousness and there is nothing I can do about it.

The reason why that happens is because I love the people behind those voices. Those voices are known and loved by me.

What’s all this have to do with small groups?

Glad you asked.

If all you do is to show up to church on a Sunday morning, then you are part of the background noise. You are not known and you don’t know others. Everyone is part of the background noise.

Where this matters is when you are hurting, down, or absent. When you are part of the background noise, you will most likely be ignored. Not because the people in the church aren’t loving and caring people, but because your voice is not known.

It’s only when you’ve shared your life and your stories with one another that your voice becomes known. That happens best in the context of small groups. It’s in the context of small groups that God grows relationships and our faith.

So, get out of the background noise and move into relationships. Sign ups for FOCUS Groups at the Little Church and Lakewood Grace are happening right now.

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