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“No. You may not eat cookies for breakfast.” 

“No.  You will go to school. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired.”

“No. You can’t stay up until midnight and play video games.”

This is called parenting. This is what adults do.

What is shocking is about Christian parents who are awesome at parenting their children about school, a balanced diet, and about healthy living is that they also say things like:

“I want my kids to make their own decision about church. I don’t want to force my faith on them.”

“We can’t go to church for a few months because Sara’s soccer games are all on Sundays.”

What are the children of Christian parents learning from this?

  • School is important and therefore non-negotiable.
  • Church, you go when you can and when you feel like it.
  • Having a balanced diet and healthy life style is important to healthy living.
  • Relationship with the Savior of the world? Totally optional.

As long as my kids live under my roof, they go to church. It’s not a choice.

Why? Because I’m their dad, and I want what’s best for them.

In fact, I want them to make their relationship with Jesus Christ their absolute priority so that their relationship with Jesus impacts everything else they do as a human being.

Why? Because I’m convinced they will miss out on God’s best should they miss this.

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