What’s Going On? An Update

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First, the funny. I was being wheeled into the operating room and the anesthesiologist looks at me and says, “You’re back!”

Yup…I’m one of their best customers.

Second, what’s going on?

We were planning on scoping out the heart and, if needed, put another stent or two in the problem areas. When the doctor went in, he discovered that the artery in question is completely blocked. The plan is to go back in there in a week or two to clear the blockage and place a stent or stents to help the blocked area. So, I get to do this all over again in a week or two.

Third, how are you feeling?

Physically, I feel the same as I did yesterday. The thing about my particular kind of heart disease is that I show little to no symptoms before a heart event. I had no symptoms prior to two heart attacks. And I show no symptoms even though one of the main arteries to the heart is completely blocked.

Emotionally and spiritually, I feel fantastic. Friends from all over the world are praying with me. I feel totally at peace about my future. I know that as long as God has things for me to do here, he will keep me around. And if God wants me home, I’m good with that because that means I get to be with Christ and the saints.

What about your family, James? I trust that God will take care of them.

I have no desire to die. But I have no fear of moving on. I am completely at peace with whatever God wants to do.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been at this intersection. And what I can testify is that because God is God, and because I am in God’s care, I am good with my future…for my future is in God. That’s a great place to be.

As my wife posted from the hospital, “He’s fine!”

I am, indeed.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On? An Update

  1. Hi James, Rob and I are thinking about you & praying that your procedure went well. You are loved by many & we want you to take all the time you need before returning to the hectic schedule at church. I know you were concerned about getting bored, but I doubt that will happen!
    Abundant blessings to you, Helen & your family. Hugs, Carol & Rob Wilson

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