Two Ways of Understanding

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“Understand in order to accept/believe”

“Accept and believe in order to understand”

One leads to skepticism and isolation, and the other to acceptance and peace.

In the world of science, it is perfectly right and good to demand proof before we give our assent and agreement. That’s how science works.

  • Prove it first, then the proof and understanding leads to acceptance and belief.
  • Such proofs should be repeatable.

While this works fine in the world of science, this would never work in relationships.

  • If a spouse demanded understanding before acceptance, such marriage is doomed.
  • If a parent or a child demanded proof before acceptance, that is a guarantee for a breakdown of trust and further division.
  • If a friend demanded understanding prior to acceptance, they would not be a friend much longer.

The reason for this is relationships require love, but skepticism and doubt snuffs out love.

Our culture demands proof when faith is about a relationship.

We will never arrive at faith as long as we demand proof. Faith is about a relationship with a God who loves rebels and sinners so much, that God could not leave sinners and rebels in our sin and rebellion. So God sent his Son to die for sinners, so that whosoever should believe in his Son would have everlasting life and relationship with God.

Faith is relationship, and until we understand that, we will remain in our skepticism and isolation.

God loves you.

I genuinely hope you believe that.

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