Third Heart Procedure in 8 Weeks

Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 2.18.19 PMThe Roto Rooter and stenting heart procedure is scheduled for Monday, March 26 at the University of Washington Medical Center.

This will be my 3rd heart procedure in 8 weeks.

I’ve had close to a dozen heart procedures, open heart quadruple bypass, and multiple stents, but this is a record for me. I’ve never had so many heart procedures in such a short time.

I have heart disease. My body is healthy but my body continues to produce plaque that keeps clogging arteries. As a result, I had two heart attacks before I turned 38.

Here’s why I tell you all this: I should be dead. The only reason why I am still here is by the grace of God.

I journal every day and every single journal entry starts with “God, thank you for this day.” I start my journal this way because every day is another day I don’t deserve. Had I been born ten years sooner, I would be dead. It is because today’s doctors can do the types of procedures and surgeries they regularly do on me, and because of the advancement in medicines that I am still around.

But most importantly, it’s because of God’s grace.

That I am still around can only mean one thing: there are still things God wants me to accomplish. When I am done being of use to God, God will call me home.

If God wanted me home, it wouldn’t take much for me to be with him in an instant. I am literally one heart beat away from being in God’s presence.

Every day I wake up, I thank God for another day I shouldn’t have had. Every day is a gift.

Now here’s the take away for you: you don’t need chronic heart disease to realize that every day is a gift from God. You may not have chronic heart disease or cancer. But, if God wanted you home, there’s nothing you could do to prevent that. The only reason why you are still here is because God still has things for you to do.

So, thank God for this day. And, now, go and do what you were created to do for the kingdom of Jesus Christ!

9 thoughts on “Third Heart Procedure in 8 Weeks

  1. Thank you for your continuing Bible lessons you give me (us)! I do thank God for each day AND for you.

  2. James, You are a true blessing in our daily lives! We pray for you each day & are confident that God will continue to lead you for His Holy purposes.

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