Day 4 – Sabbatical

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.33.00 PM.pngI have been resting, sleeping, watching golf and playing golf, reading, etc. And when not doing those things, I have been assisting Helen organize the house and moving the girls back home for the summer from college.

In the next few days, I will be celebrating the graduations of Karis from the University of Washington and Kailey from Lakes High School.

Here’s the first thing I am learning on Sabbatical: practicing Sabbath is harder than the idea of sabbath-ing.

One of the items that was left undone before I started the sabbatical is the consideration of the work that is required in an 80 year-old facility. We have some major work to do with the sanctuary, and I have been copied on the emails of the session and staff working on the steeple, siding, sanctuary, etc.

It has been soooooooo tempting to chime in. But I have been resisting it.

I want to practice Sabbath…rest…trust.

Here’s what that means for me:

  • God is at work. This is God’s church. God knows what’s best for us
  • God is at work in through our session and staff. The Little Church and Lakewood Grace has an amazing staff and fantastic leaders on the session. I trust fully in the session and staff’s capacity to listen for God’s guidance and to act on God’s voice

So looking forward to seeing how God will lead the Little Church and Lakewood Grace!

We are blessed with amazing leaders and staff at the Little Church and Lakewood Grace.

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