It Wasn’t Me…Someone Is Impersonating Me Using Church Email

So someone is using my church email address to sign me up for all kinds of things.

Thus far, this person has signed me up for:

  • a Tunnel Bear Club (no idea what that is)
  • contacted a counselor saying I need help (I actually do need help, and do use counseling). But said that I was a father to two sons and serving as a pastor of a wayward congregation. Clearly this person doesn’t know the Little Church or Lakewood Grace.
  • a National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (this is my favorite. Cracked me up!)
  • as a volunteer United Church of Christ (No thanks. Already pretty busy with my church and denomination), Focus on the Family (I have great respect for Focus on the Family)
  • and the list goes on.

And using my name and email to leave comments on other church’s web pages. That part is not too cool. I have no idea what you’re saying using my name and email.

So, you. Yeah you! The you that is impersonating me. I’ve got a couple of things to say to you.

First, whoever is doing this, you’re pretty creative. A good mixture of stuff.

Second, get a life! Try Jesus. He can really change your life around. He changed mine!

Finally, if you are checking out my blog and church web page because you got a weird message from my church email address, please know it wasn’t me.


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