So someone is using my church email address to sign me up for all kinds of things.

Thus far, this person has signed me up for:

  • a Tunnel Bear Club (no idea what that is)
  • contacted a counselor saying I need help (I actually do need help, and do use counseling). But said that I was a father to two sons and serving as a pastor of a wayward congregation. Clearly this person doesn’t know the Little Church or Lakewood Grace.
  • a National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (this is my favorite. Cracked me up!)
  • as a volunteer United Church of Christ (No thanks. Already pretty busy with my church and denomination), Focus on the Family (I have great respect for Focus on the Family)
  • and the list goes on.

And using my name and email to leave comments on other church’s web pages. That part is not too cool. I have no idea what you’re saying using my name and email.

So, you. Yeah you! The you that is impersonating me. I’ve got a couple of things to say to you.

First, whoever is doing this, you’re pretty creative. A good mixture of stuff.

Second, get a life! Try Jesus. He can really change your life around. He changed mine!

Finally, if you are checking out my blog and church web page because you got a weird message from my church email address, please know it wasn’t me.


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