Enough Speaking. Start Being. Being Kind, Gracious, Loving…

Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 2.23.29 PM

I hear a lot of people saying people need to speak out about ___________, or against _________.

I get it. There’s a lot that’s messed up about our country at this time. I too find it difficult to hold my tongue.

Where there is injustice, and there is, we must speak against it.

Where fear-mongering, divisive and abusive, we must name and challenge such behavior.

Where there is evil, and there is, we must speak into that situation.

I get it.

There is so much that needs speaking into. But I do not think our culture is messed up because there is not enough speaking. In fact, I would argue that we have too much of it. Too much talking that is divisive and hurtful.

Perhaps, what our culture needs more than speaking, is being…

  • being kind
  • being respectful
  • being decent
  • being fair
  • being gracious
  • being hospitable and welcoming
  • being thankful
  • being loving

Could you imagine if all the critical and divisive talk came to an end and instead was replaced by being kind, respectful, decent, fair, gracious, loving, etc.?

Could you imagine?

I long for that world. That’s the world I am working toward.

Enough talk. Our world doesn’t need more talk. Let’s work on being…

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