Tourist or On a Journey


Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 8.36.02 PMEveryone is going from point A to point B.

Everyone is living their days with the same 24 hours every day. No one gets a single second more than the other.

What is interesting is some people are able to get so much more enjoyment and life out of life than others. What is the difference? How can some get the more joy out of life than others when we are all living the same 24 hour days? Why are some never satisfied?

One is busy going from one place to another. Their goal is the destination and everything and everyone in between is an obstruction and a nuisance to be avoided. Think about that last sentence. The people in that sentence include your family, spouse, friends, and strangers. Because we have made the goal and objective of life the destination we see everyone and everything as an obstruction and nuisance.

Wow. What a sad way to live.

Such is the life of a traveler.

One who is journeying through life also gets to the destination. But the destination is only a part of the journey. All of the journey – the traffic congestion, the conversations along the way, the fellow journeyers, the smells, the sounds, the sights, and fellow journeyers – all of that is the journey.

There are no obstructions. There are no nuisances. It’s all part of the journey.

We will all arrive at the destination one way or the other. The question is how do you want to get there.

We are on a journey.

Journeyers take the time to notice the life that is happening all around them. Most importantly, they make the time to notice the people on their journey. Unless you take the time and intentionally make the time to notice, you will miss it all. And most importantly, you will miss the people. And what a shame that is for you and everyone in your life.

Life is a journey. Live it well.

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