That’s a Whole Lotta Bull!

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I try to read through the Bible at least once a year. And right now, I am going through Leviticus.

Not going to lie. Leviticus is tough sledding.

As I was going through the different types of sacrifices I noticed something that I hadn’t before. If the entire community sinned against God, an ox was required as a sacrifice for sins. When an individual sinned against God, a ram was required as a sacrifice for sins.

What is not clear is how often these sacrifices were supposed to be made.

  • Was it one ox for every time someone sins?
  • Were the sacrifices supposed to be made once a week?
  • Once a month?

At the rate I sin, that’s a whole lotta bull!

And then I thought about how much a bull cost back in the day. The closest equivalent to what a bull might have cost is a cost of a car today. Can you imagining butchering an animal equivalent to a car every week? every month? every year?

That’s so expensive! That’s so costly! Who could afford it?


Sin is expensive. Sin is costly.

Just ask Jesus

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