Hidden in Christ…What in the World Does that Mean?

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“For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory” (Colossians 3:3-4).

Hidden with Christ? What in the world does that mean?

What a funny way to talk about our faith and our relationship with God.

Have you ever seen a little timid child who hides behind the legs/dress of their parent? The child is still there but all you see is the dress.

Hidden with Christ.

The key to understanding what being hidden with Christ means is in verse 4, “then you also will be revealed with him in glory.”

Then, we’re told. When is “then” referring to? It’s referring to when Christ will be revealed in glory, it refers to the time of judgment.

When those who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior stand in judgment, what God will see is Jesus and his righteousness and his glory. We are hidden in Christ. Our sins are hidden in the life and death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This is such a beautiful truth. Hidden in Christ…I love that imagery! I love that because I’ve got lots to hide…I am far from presentable. But that’s grace. It’s not about what I am capable of. It’s all about what Christ has already done. His grace, righteousness, and glory covers me!

Hidden in Christ.

Thanks be to God!

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