New Normal

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“Can’t wait til things get back to normal.”

Have you heard that lately?

I realize that people are talking about when things could go back to the way things were before the Covid-19 pandemic. But I am not sure you want to go back to that normal.

There are things about the new normal during the pandemic that I have come to really appreciate.

  • I love that my family sits at the dinner table and eats together. That almost never happened. We were all too busy running around with our own schedules and agendas
  • I love the time I have with my college girls. Had it not been for the pandemic, we would never have spent this much time together. This will be the last time in our lifetimes that we will be able to spend this much time together as a family. I treasure this time. What a gift!
  • The pace of life. So much unnecessary busy-ness in life. This is a much healthier pace
  • I love that creation herself is recovering. Rivers are recovering, smog and pollution is clearing, animals are recovering their space

How about you? What are some things you are doing right now that you want to preserve as the social distancing restrictions ease? What are some things you are experiencing and practicing that you are thankful for?

Write them down and thank God for them today.

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