Get Growing

“Like newborn infants, long for the pure, spiritual milk, so that you may grow into salvation” (1 Peter 2:2).

It is essential that Christ-followers spend daily time in God’s word. God’s word remind us of who God is and all of God’s promises, and who we are and what God calls us to be. We need this daily reminder because it is so easy to forget who God is and who we are as his children.

This verse tells us the attitude and the aim we are to have relating to God’s word.

Attitude – “Like newborn infants, long for pure spiritual milk…”

  • Like newborn infants
    • I sometimes joke that babies were born to suck. From the moment of their birth, babies have an innate longing for milk. They are born to suck. No one has to teach them to seek mom’s milk. They are just born with that innate desire.
    • So too for Christians, when we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, when we start loving God, we long to know more about who God is and all that God has promised us.
    • Like newborn infants, Christians long for God’s pure spiritual milk
  • When’s the last time you felt that way about God’s word? If it’s been a while, perhaps it’s time for you to remember your first love. Take a moment to thank God for all that God has done for you, starting with the gift of eternal life.

Aim – “So that you may grow into salvation”

  • Babies can’t grow without milk. Christians cannot grow without God’s word. You show me a person who is far from God’s word, you’ve shown me a person who is stuck and regressing in their relationship with God.
  • Babies don’t work at growing. They just drink milk and growth happens. Christians don’t grow themselves. We get God’s word, God’s promises, God’s truths in us and God’s word changes us.
  • I am so glad that you take a few minutes out of your day to start here. Growing Christians grow because God’s word is growing in them.

What is our attitude toward God’s word? Like newborn infants, long for pure spiritual milk

What is our aim regarding God’s word? So that by it we may grow in our salvation.

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