Be the Church

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7).

By the end of the day some will be elated and relieved; others will be dejected and anxious.

There have been other contentious presidential elections in my life time. But I can’t remember a single election cycle where the threat of violence was present over the results of the election. Retailers and businesses are shuttering their doors and preparing for the potential for violent protests.

Is this the United States of America? What’s happened to our country?

Christian brothers and sisters, no matter who wins the election, God is still on the throne. God is still in control. And, regardless of who you voted for, what Christ calls the church to is to be his agents of love and peace, and Christ calls you to live out God’s love for others. The mission of the church hasn’t changed, and it will not change regardless of who wins the elections.

In an anxious-ridden, contentious, divided nation, be the church. Regardless of who wins the election, your neighbors are still your neighbors, your colleagues are still your colleagues, and your brothers and sisters in the church are still your sisters and brothers. While others may be anxious and even protesting, you Christ-followers, love your neighbors, coworkers, friends.

What our world needs is a people who are able to live above the anxiety and fear to be agents of peace and love. We live out this mission to love people because God is still at work through his church. More than ever, be Christ’s ambassadors of God’s love and peace. Today, and in the days to come, be the healing balm that our world needs so desperately.

Be the church!

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