Grace and Mercy

“For the sake of your name, LORD, forgive my iniquity, though it is great” (Psalm 25:11).

Our sins are indeed great. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “We are undeserving, ill-deserving, hell-deserving sinners.”

For those who are saved, it is only because of the LORD. Our salvation and forgiveness is wholly God’s work. It is all grace. It is all mercy.

Grace and mercy.

  • Grace is when we receive what we do not deserve – forgiveness and eternal life.
  • Mercy is when we don’t receive what we absolutely deserve – judgment and damnation.

Grace and mercy.

“Great as my sins have been, they are not so great as his love,” writes Charles Spurgeon.

The only reason why salvation and forgiveness is possible is because God’s love is great.

Grace and mercy.

“The language of Christianity is the language of substitution. It is not primarily the language of morals. God is not presented as a mother saying, ‘eat your vegetables.’ Instead, Christianity is about a one-sided rescue, that we didn’t want and certainly didn’t deserve, and he did it anyway” (Rod Rosenbladt).

Grace and mercy.

Thank God for grace and mercy.

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