Where is God in All This? Why Isn’t God Doing Something?

“Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand” (John 13:7).

Considering all that is going on in our world right now, I would say this is an understatement!

One of the questions I have received lately has goes something like this: “What is God doing? Where is God in this? Why isn’t God doing something?”

The thing about these questions is that it doesn’t matter where you stand on President Trump. You can ask these questions whether you support President Trump or you support impeaching President Trump.

So what does that tell us?

First, it tells us that we need to be careful not to allow our political leanings determine how we view God. God is not a God for the Republicans. God is not a God for the Democrats. God is not even a God for Americans. God is a God for ALL people. God loves ALL sinners. So much so that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for ALL sinners. ALL SINNERS.

God is for all people. We err every time when we make God a God for a select group of people.

The second thing this text teaches us is that we are finite. There are some things we will never understand, and there are some things we will only understand with the passage of time.

What we know for certain is that God is in control. Nothing happening today is catching God by surprise. God has a plan for you and for our world.

One day we will all look back and see why God made us wait. And we will see that it was for the good and for the glory of God.

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