Love and Hate

“Let those who love the LORD hate evil” (Psalm 97:10).

Let those who love…hate.


We don’t often think of these two things – love and hate – in the same sentence. For us, we think love excludes hate. We often think that when one loves there is no room for hate. But unless love hates, it cannot be love.

Loving God does not mean loving everything. Loving God means to hate everything that is not God. Loving God means to hate the opposite of who God is. Loving God must mean hating evil because God hates evil.

It is impossible to love God and love evil.

The more we love God, the more we hate evil. A friend of God becomes the enemy of evil.

I pray that we become a people who love the LORD more and more by hating evil in us and in our world more and more.

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