Our Father…

In the days to come, we will be taking a closer look at the prayer which Jesus taught his disciples to pray. It is known as the Lord’s Prayer. This title is both right and incorrect. It is right, in that this is the prayer which the Lord taught his disciples to pray. But it isn’t the Lord’s prayer in the sense that this is a prayer that Jesus could have prayed. We will get to that later as we study about God forgiving our debts.

For today, I want us to focus on the first word, “Our.”

Why “Our” Father? Why not “My” Father?

So much of American Christianity is expressed as my faith, my beliefs, my God, my Savior. I think this is a fantastic corrective against our individualized understanding of faith.

Our. Not my.

Perhaps Jesus wants us to know we are most fully who God intends for us to be when we are in God’s family, God’s community called the church. Perhaps it’s because it’s impossible for anyone to be a follower of Jesus Christ without also belonging to his body, the church of Jesus Christ.

The simple truth is that we miss out on what it means to be a follower of Jesus when we are in isolation. There is no such thing as a Christ-follower in isolation. The moment we become a follower of Christ, we become sons and daughters in God’s family. This family is called the church.

The New Testament word for church, ekklesia, literally means the assembly of the called out ones. The very word itself refers to a multitude of people. The word church excludes any idea of an isolated Christian. If we are a Christian, we are a member of Christ’s family and Christ’s church. If we are a Christian, we are one in relationship with others.

Here’s what this means: No matter what you are going through today…

  • You are never alone because you are a part of God’s family
  • You are never alone because God is always with us as our Father


I like it. Thank you God!

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