Thine is the Power

We know nothing of power. The power we think we have is an illusion. Our education, bank accounts, titles, social standing are all illusions of power.

  • When the doctor tells you it’s stage four cancer, ALS, the onset of Alzheimers…
  • As you sit with a loved one dying at the hospital bed…

In such moments we come to the cold realization that we are powerless.

We know nothing of power.

When we pray, “Thine is the power,” we confess that the power we know pales in comparison to the power of God.

The Greek word for power is dunamis. This is where we get the word, “dynamite.”

When we pray, “Thine is the power,” we are saying that only God has power to create, heal, redeem, save, and to give life. God’s power is explosive and transformative. God’s power brings peace in the midst of chaos, joy in sorrow, life in hopeless situations.

“Thine is the power.”

But that’s the thing. This is not our power. This is God’s power. We don’t control God’s power. We don’t dictate how or when God’s power manifests itself.

This is the recognition that God is God and we are not. Because this is God’s power, we trust our loving Father, the giver of daily bread, the forgiver of all sins.

Even in the moments when God’s power seems distant, we continue to believe and trust because God’s power changed us from sinners into God’s sons and daughters. We have already experienced and tasted of God’s power. So we trust, we hope, we believe.

“Thine is the power.”

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