Crushing Satan

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

Crush Satan under your feet…

Man!!! That sounds so awesome!!! I want that. I want to see that. I would love to see Satan crushed.

Look at who’s feet God will crush Satan – under your feet. What you need to know is that the “you” in “your feet” is written in the plural.

  • You, individually do not have the power or the ability to crush Satan
  • You, on your own, are one who gets crushed by Satan
  • But something amazing happens when you individuals come together under the authority of Christ. It is this you – all who come under the authority of Christ – who becomes the primary tool by which God crushes Satan in this world.

Who is this collective You All? This is none other than the Church of Jesus Christ. We are told that Christ is the head of the Church, and that we are his body. It is the Church of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ of which he is the head, that God uses to crush Satan.

The Church on its own does not have power to crush anything, let alone Satan. It is only the Church that is collectively under the headship and the Lordship of Jesus Christ that is the instrument and tool which God uses to crush Satan.

Isn’t interesting that the text tells us that it is the God of peace who will crush Satan under you all’s feet. God’s peace doesn’t mean the absence of crushing. In fact, in order for God’s peace to be genuinely peace, God’s peace must crush all that destroys peace.

You want to be in the business of crushing Satan? You have to be a part of God’s Church who is under the Lordship and the headship of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the head, and that we are the body of Christ. It is this collective “we” God uses to crush Satan.

You ready to do some crushing? Get under the Lordship and Headship of Jesus and be a part of Christ’s Church.

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