Go Ahead. Tell Jesus EVERYTHING!!!

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears” (Psalm 34:4).

I pray, not because God needs to hear my prayers. I don’t pray to change the mind or the will of God.

I pray because I need to talk with God.

I am just a guy. Yet, God’s placed me in a position where I am also your pastor. How am I supposed to handle that? How am I supposed to know how to lead? I am just a guy!

What I know about James is that you don’t want James leading, unless James is being led by God. You can take that to the bank.

There is so much that happens in the course of leadership that I have no clue how to handle and manage. There wasn’t a single class during all my seminary years that came close to preparing me and our staff to lead during Covid. There are people who don’t like me, who disagree with me. And God still calls me to pastor them. I don’t know how to do that!

I would be totally lost without God. I don’t pray because God needs me to pray. I pray because I need to pray.

I don’t know what I would do without my daily prayer times. I spend thirty to forty-five minutes everyday journaling my prayer. That is such a precious time for me. Whenever I come across a situation that I don’t know how to handle and manage, the first thing I turn to is prayer. I can’t wait to get into my journal and pray. It is in those times that God guides and leads.

J. C. Ryle wrote:

Prayer is the mightiest engine God has placed in our hands. It is the best weapon to use in every trouble. It is the key that unlocks the treasury of promises, and the hand that draws forth grace and help in time of need. Show me a growing Christian, a going forward Christian, a flourishing Christian, and sure am I, he is one that speaks often with his Lord. HE TELLS JESUS EVERYTHING!

Go ahead. Tell Jesus everything!!!

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