Set Your Minds on Things Above

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” (Colossians 3:2).

The verse of the day today commands us to set our minds on things above.

The Greek for “set your minds” is one word, and it is written in the present imperative. That tells us couple of things:

  • Present tense – this is an ongoing, never ending, in every moment we breathe and have our being, set our minds on the things above
  • Imperative voice – this is a command. This is not a suggestion. This is not only a good idea. This is an order. If we are followers of Christ, we are commanded to set our minds on the things above

The reason why we are commanded to constantly set our minds on the things above, and not on earthly things is because we don’t think of things above naturally.

Earthly things we see without even trying. The tragedy of Afghanistan, the devastating destruction of Haiti’s earthquake, Hurricane Ida, the rising gun violence in our cities, the rising covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, the inability of our national leaders to come together to work toward what is best four our national interests, etc.

All of these things scream for our attention. We don’t have to look at them. They are in our face every time we open up the newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch television.

In fact, to not think of these things constantly, we have to avoid them.

But when’s the last time you just thought of Godly things, things above, things about the kingdom of God without trying?

See, these things, Godly things, eternal things, things that ultimately and truly matter, have to be intentionally brought up to our minds because they don’t just happen. We have to be intentional. We have to be purposeful. We have to call it up.

Take your eyes and set your minds on the things above, and not on earthly things. Be intentional about thinking kingdom thoughts. Make yourself think kingdom thoughts for kingdom thoughts are the only things that ultimately and eternally matter.

As a bonus, when you think kingdom thoughts, you’re going to have a much better day and you’re going to be a much better human being.

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