Let the Peace of Christ Rule

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts” (Colossians 3:15).

What an odd phrase.

What does it mean to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts?

First, I didn’t know I had such power. Second, what does it mean to let the peace of Christ rule in my heart when there is only chaos and uncertainty?

The Greek is helpful.

The Greek literally reads “and the peace of Christ, let rule in the hearts of you.”

While in the English we have two words, “let rule” in the Greek that is one word. The Greek word that is translated as “let rule” means to act as an umpire, to arbitrate, to make the call. The word is used when you have a situation where there are opposing views, you are to let this rule, act as the umpire, to arbitrate, to make the call.

When we look at the world and there only seems to be pain, chaos, and uncertainty, we are to turn to the peace of Christ and let that rule, arbitrate, and make the call.

This word “let rule” is written in the 3rd person present imperative active voice. Here’s what that means:

  • Present tense – ongoing action, never ending. Not a one time event
  • Imperative – a command, not only good advice
  • Active voice – you must choose to allow this to happen

You can prevent God’s peace from ruling in your hearts. We do that when we only focus on the problems and neglect to see the myriad of ways in which God is at work in our world. The headlines of our news programs and newspaper will never report it but everyday:

  • Husband loves and cherishes his wife and children
  • Wife loves and honors her husband and children
  • a Christian goes out of his/her way to show grace to a neighbor going through a hard time
  • Small group leader prays for and calls one of the people in their small group
  • a neighbor picks up the trash that got dumped in the neighbor’s yard
  • Someone bakes a batch of cookies to give to his/her pastor!!!
  • Someone checks in with a friend they haven’t heard from in months

There are thousands upon thousands of acts that never get reported. But it doesn’t mean that isn’t happening.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…”

You do this by choosing to let Christ’s peace rule, arbitrate, make the call about the world we live in. Don’t let the devil fool you into thinking that only the devil’s at work.

God is at work all around you. You reading this truth is proof.

Have a great day and be a blessing to the people around you!

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