Keep on Praying

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10).

The more I draw near to God, the more aware I become of how messed up I am.

Theologically this is true because God is a perfect God. God is absolutely holy. The closer I draw near to perfection and holiness the more my imperfections and flaws stand out.

Practically, this is true because as Christians mature and grow closer to God, the arena where the battle takes place is no longer in actions but in the heart. Even though we may be better at physically not committing sins, those sins are alive and well in our hearts. The closer we draw to God the sins of the heart become ever more glaring when viewed against God’s holiness and perfection.

One of my daily prayers is that God cleanse my heart. I long for a day when my heart’s longings and yearnings would be totally in tune with the heart of God. But, I am far from that today.

The devil will use this to make us feel guilty about praying. The devil wants to shame us because we pray for the same thing everyday.

Don’t let the devil guilt you from praying.

Keep praying. Keep praying that God will create in you a clean heart, and that he would renew a steadfast spirit within you.

You see, the reason why we pray isn’t to change God. The reason why we pray to God is because prayer changes us. The more we pray, the more we draw near to God. That is what the devil wants to prevent.

Don’t let the devil keep you from praying.

Keep at it. Keep on praying.

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