Do What Glorifies God!!!

“Do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Our world tells us to “Follow your heart.” Jesus tells us, “Follow me.”
Our world tells us to “Believe in yourself.” Jesus tells us, “Believe in me.”
Our world tells us to “Discover yourself.” Jesus tells us, “Deny yourself.”
Our world tells us to “Be true to yourself.” Jesus tells us, “Be true to me.”

What our world tells us sounds so nice, so “true”, so good. But it’s all lies.

How do I know that? I’ve tried to live life my way. It didn’t turn out very well. It actually hurt quite a bit. Look at all the people who have tried to live by the mantras of the world. It might lead to temporary happiness and bliss, but it will always leave us empty and hurting…leaving a trail of broken hearts and people around us.

There is only one way to find true meaning, purpose, and happiness – by turning to our maker and discovering God’s will for our lives.

One of the most toxic belief systems in our culture is “Do what makes you happy.” The reason why “Do what makes you happy” is toxic is because oftentimes what we think will make us happy leads to misery for those around us, and ultimately us too.

The thing is, we are not called to do what makes us happy. We are called to do what glorifies God.

And, here’s the kicker. It’s only when we discover what God glorifies God that we experience happiness and joy. When we glorify God, we get happiness and joy as a by-product. But when we seek our happiness, happiness and joy is always fleeting.


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