Praise the LORD, Hallelujah!

“Praise the LORD. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” (Psalm 147:1).

God never calls us to praise him in a vacuum. Praise is the result of all that God has already done and what God promises.

The phrase, “Praise the LORD,” is hallelujah in the Hebrew. This was and is both a call to praise as well as a declaration of praise.

The remainder of Psalm 147 tells the reason for praising the LORD. I invite you to read the Psalm on your own and highlight and underline all that God promises and all that God has already done for us.

  • The LORD builds up (v.2)
  • The LORD gathers the exiles (v.2)
  • He heals (v.3)
  • He binds up their wounds (v.3)
  • He determines (v.4)
  • He calls them each by name (v.4)
  • The LORD sustains (v. 6)
  • He supplies (v.8)
  • He provides (v.9)
  • The LORD delights in those who fear him (v.11)
  • He strengthens (v.13)
  • He blesses (v.13)
  • He grants peace (v.14)
  • He satisfies you (v.14)
  • He sends his word (v.18)
  • He revealed his word (v.19)

That’s a pretty impressive list!!!

Praise the LORD! Hallelujah!!!

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