Work It!

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it” (Genesis 2:15).

Floating on a cloud…playing a harp…sitting around…

Who even plays a harp?

Some picture this is what spending eternity in heaven will be like. How boring! No wonder few of us truly long and yearn for heaven.

I don’t know what heaven will be like, but I can tell you this is not heaven.

One of the clues for what heaven will be like comes from the verse of the day. God created the heavens and the earth and created Adam. After creating Adam, God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, and this is where it gets interesting. God placed Adam in the Garden to work!

Work! Yup. Work.

Adam is in paradise. And the reason why Adam is in paradise is to work it and take care of it. You mean, Adam wasn’t in paradise just lounging around eating fruits? He was working?

Yup. Work.

You see, we are most fully alive and most fully who we are when we are doing what we were created for. You know why? That’s what we were created for!

You know the feeling you get after accomplishing something, making something, baking something.

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to wait until heaven to do what you were created for. You can start that right now. God created you with your particular gifts and passions so that God can use you to establish his kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

So, get to work!

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