But God…

“But God…” (Ephesians 2:4).

Two simple, tiny words.In these two tiny words contain the whole of the gospel.

But…when you see this word it is a word that precipitates a change. A change in direction. A change in circumstances. A change in destiny. This word functions like a hinge. It changes the direction. Something was heading down one way –> and then the “but” and now it’s heading down the other way <–.

God…He’s the difference maker. He’s the reason for the change. He’s the reason for the difference.

Put these two words together and you have the greatest news in the history of the world.

  • I was dying…but God!
  • I was hopelessly lost…but God!
  • I am a sinner, destined for judgment and damnation…but God!
  • I had no clue what the purpose of life was all about…but God!
  • I was a selfish jerk who hurt everyone who loved me…but God!
  • All was darkness and death…but God!

That’s gospel.

Thank God for “But God!”

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