Pray Always…

“Pray continually…” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Praying isn’t a spilling of the laundry list of “I wants.”

Praying is seeking God and God’s will.

So, how can a person pray without ceasing? How can a person pray always? How can someone pray continually?

Praying is about seeking God’s presence throughout our day.

There is never a “there” where God is not present. It’s just that we get so preoccupied that we forget God’s presence. So praying is reorienting our minds and hearts to God’s presence.


  • Pray instead of worrying
  • Pray instead of stressing
  • Pray instead of panicking
  • Pray instead of overthinking
  • Pray instead of assuming
  • Pray instead of controlling
  • Pray instead of wondering
  • Pray instead of doubting
  • Pray instead of second-guessing

Pray always.

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