The Love of Money is a Root of All Evil

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

If you’ve ever worshiped with us at the Little Church and Lakewoodgrace, you know that before we receive the offering one of the pastors will always say something like, “If all you are going to give is money, please keep your money. God is not interested in your money, so neither are we.”

If you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself!

There is nothing wrong with money. We can’t live in this world without money. It’s an absolute necessity. Money is and can be a fantastic tool to accomplish amazing things.

The problem is not money. The problem is the love of money. When we end up loving something that is supposed to be a tool and an instrument for living God-honoring lives, money ends up using us. You see, money is to be used for God’s glory. But when we love money, money ends up using us.

There are two ways of looking at money:

  • Secular view of money – I am entitled to my money because I’ve worked hard for my money
  • Christian view of money – I am entrusted with everything I have to use for God’s glory

Those are two very different ways of looking at money. Unless disciples get this straight, they will forever be stalled in their maturity and growth. You cannot grow up and mature as a disciple of Christ until you have transformed your understanding of money and possessions.

When you do transform your understanding of money and possessions you will experience a freedom regarding money and possessions that you’ve never imagined.

God isn’t interested in money. God is interested in your hearts.

Money is one of the clearest visible signs who rules your heart.

Use money for God’s glory.

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