Come, Follow Me: Two Things Following Jesus Entails

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said (Matthew 4:19).

Come, follow me…

That’s the invitation Jesus makes to every single disciple. Seems simple enough right?

There are two parts to this invitation to follow Jesus.

First, “Come.”

  • In order to follow Jesus, the first thing required is a departure
  • You can’t stay where you are if you are to go to Jesus
  • You have to leave your present dreams, hopes, and life in order to go and follow Jesus
  • The first requirement for following Jesus is a departure of the old life, the life prior to Jesus

The second thing is, “Follow me”

  • In order to learn how to follow Jesus, the second thing required is unlearning to follow myself
  • We’ve lived our entire lives following our own thoughts, our decisions, our hopes, our dreams, our best guesses. And, look where that’s gotten us!!!
  • If we are to follow Jesus we must unlearn our natural patterns and habits of following ourselves

Two things required to follow Jesus: a departure, and an unlearning.

Ready to follow Jesus?

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