Resist the Devil? How?

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

The devil lies. The devil is the father of lies. The devil wants us to focus on our sins. The Holy Spirit beckons us to focus on our Savior.

So, how can we have victory over the devil? How do we overcome the schemes of the devil?

We can’t. Not on our own. The devil is a whole lot smarter, more crafty, and more powerful than you or me.

Although we cannot defeat the devil our Savior can. The devil has no chance against Jesus.

That’s why our text says to “resist the devil.” And our text tells us that the way we resist the devil is by “submitting ourselves to God. We resist by submitting. When we submit to Christ, Christ kicks the devil’s butt!

Isn’t that a great picture? Love the imagery of the devil getting his butt kicked because he’s had plenty of opportunities to kick my butt.

Submit to Christ. That’s how we resist the devil. And when we submit to Christ, the devil flees.

One final note about submitting to Christ. Submitting to Christ is not a one time decision. It’s kind of like breathing. It can’t be a one time event. If you want to live, you gotta keep breathing. If you want to thrive as a Christian, you gotta keep submitting.

Submitting to Christ is more a compass heading than a decision. It is choosing to head in a particular direction – the direction that takes us nearer to Christ.

We cannot defeat the devil but Christ already has. So, submit to Christ.

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