You Don’t Need to Understand to Believe

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:14).

I know many people who are unable to believe because they insist on understanding before they believe.

This is really silly.

We don’t live that way. There are many things we don’t understand and yet we still put our trust in them.

You don’t believe me? Why you…It’s all good.

Let me explain.

How many people getting on an airplane understands the principles of aerodynamics that allow a metal tube weighing several hundred tons to fly?

Yet, they get on airplanes by the hundreds of thousands every day.

Why? Because they’ve seen airplanes work.

You see, understanding is not necessary for believing something. You just need to know that it works.

That’s how it is with Jesus. You don’t need to understand before believing in Jesus. You just need to know that Jesus works.

The reason why I believe is because I know faith in God works. I could not imagine trying to make sense of the world I live in apart from God. The Bible helps me make sense of the world I live in.

I believe because I have seen faith work for so many people. I have seen faith work. People who should have been down and out because of failures, disease, death, trials, suffering are instead thriving and growing because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve seen it!

Understanding is not necessary for belief. The only thing that is absolutely necessary is humility. You need to be ready to accept God, and accept that you are not God.

Just like you get on an airplane although you don’t understand how that airplane flies, it is perfectly reasonable to believe in God even though you don’t understand because you’ve seen faith work in others.

If you haven’t, look at the people at Little Church and Lakewoodgrace. You’ll see faith at work.

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