The baby born is the Christ who dies on a cross.

The baby crying is the Christ who cries out, “It is finished!”

The baby sleeping is the Christ who rises from the dead.

Christ-mas…Mass on Christ-day.

The reason Christmas is “merry” is because it is through the Christ, the God-anointed One, that the curse of sin and death is reversed. God’s wrath against sin is assuaged by the Christ as Jesus bore the weight of the sin of the world on the cross. Jesus descends into hell to rise again on the third day, defeating death once and for all.

All who receive Jesus as Lord and Savior are saved by the Christ, and share in his resurrection glory.

Christmas and Easter go together. One without the other is incomplete.

On this Second Day of Christmas, take time to thank God for sending his Son for you. For it was you whom God was thinking of when he provided Jesus as a sacrifice for sins.

Thank God!

Merry Christmas!!!

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