Don’t Miss It!

Screenshot 2015-04-05 at 3.49.31 PMOne of the last things Jesus uttered on the cross were the words, “It is finished.”

When Jesus uttered his last dying moments, “It is finished,” Jesus was proclaiming…

  • that as the perfect and obedient Son to all that the Father had sent him to do, Jesus completed the work when and how the Father wanted it done, Jesus declared, “It is finished.”
  • that as Jesus looked back upon the tapestry of his life, he looked at the lives that had been touched, the people who were healed, the salvation that he would usher in for all who would place their hope and trust in Jesus, he declared, “It is finished.”
  • that as the perfect high priest, Jesus looked at the sacrifice of his body, his blood, his life, Jesus declared, “It is finished.”

Jesus came to do his Father’s will and he did it. He came to purchase our redemption and he did it. He came to do the great work of salvation and he did it.

All the Old Testament prophesies and pictures of Christ in the tabernacle furnishings, the priestly ministry, the sacrificial system are complete and finished in the life, death, and the resurrection of Jesus.

The reason why Easter is such a big deal for Christians is because in Jesus those who were dead in sin are made alive. Easter is the reason why Christians are made sons and daughters of the King of kings, the Lord of lords.

But we can miss all this.

There were hundreds of witnesses to the death of Jesus Christ and they missed it.

  • To the high priest who was present for the trial of Jesus, Jesus was nothing but a dying lunatic who thought he was God
  • To Pilate who sentenced Jesus to the cross, Jesus was nothing but a common rabble-rouser, another failed Messiah
  • To the Roman soldiers who nailed Jesus to the cross, Jesus was nothing but a common criminal
  • To the crowds who spat upon Jesus, mocking him to save himself from the cross as he had saved others, Jesus was nothing but a false prophet

They were all there and they totally missed it.

And the sad thing is, you could miss it too.

In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God has given to us the greatest gift – the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ, the opportunity to live life here on earth with passion and purpose…and we can miss it.

Don’t miss it. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died for you and for me. Don’t miss it. There is only one way to salvation: faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Is he your Lord and Savior? He can be if you will accept his finished work on the cross, and ask Jesus to save you.

Listen, accept, and receive God’s fantastic truth…God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that, whosoever should believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus loves you. Jesus is everything you’ve been searching for in your life.

Happy Easter!

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