PC(USA), ECO, EPC, PCA, KPCA, Orthodox, Reformed, etc.

Screenshot 2015-04-06 at 3.51.20 PMI have been a pastor at the Little Church on the Prairie for about five years. In that time we have had well over a hundred people join the church and/or become regular attenders at the Little Church. Of all those people, how many people asked, “What brand of Presbyterians are you folks? Are you PC(USA), PCA, EPC, ECO, Orthodox, Reformed, etc.?”

There are currently over 97 Presbyterian denominations in the United States.

Out of all the new people who are a part of the ministries of the Little Church, how many have asked what kind of Presbyterian the Little Church is?

Zero. Zip. None. Nada. Not a single person.

What kinds of questions are people asking? They are asking questions like:

  • Is God for real? Is Jesus for real?
  • Can God really make an impact in my life?
  • Can I make a difference in my community through the Little Church?

The Little Church on the Prairie is a PC(USA) congregation. We believe Jesus is the Lord and Savior of the world and that he makes all the difference in the world. Here’s a link to what we believe.

Some have asked why we continue to be a part of the PC(USA) denomination. My response has been very simple. If I thought for one moment, that changing the denominational logo on our sign or our letterhead would lead to the Little Church on the Prairie being better at reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, if changing denominations would lead to more disciples coming to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ we would make that change in a heart beat.

The reality is the denominational affiliation has almost no impact on our on-going ministry at the Little Church on the Prairie. I would rather that we continue to focus on accomplishing our mission:

  • Make disciples
  • Grow disciples
  • Share the love of Jesus with all people

The Little Church on the Prairie strives to do this through:

  • Worship
  • Small Group Ministries – FOCUS Groups
  • Family Ministries
  • Outreach Ministries

We will continue to focus on our main mission. There are many in our community who still do not know the awesome love of Jesus Christ.

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