The Unbelievable Story of the Bible

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 5.10.27 PMThe Bible was written over a 1,500 year period by at least 40 different authors.

The Bible was written by folks who were part of Israel when Israel was a regional super power under the leadership of King David and King Solomon. The Bible was written by folks who were held captives as exiles in Babylon, when Israel was a mere afterthought. The Bible was written by scribes, prophets, shepherds. The Bible was written by fishermen, tax collectors, doctors.

In the Bible, you can find poetry, love songs, narrative, stories, prophecies, history, letters, cryptic/symbolic history.

And the most amazing thing about this book called the Bible is that all these different people, from different historical contexts, using different literary genres are telling the same story about a God who loves sinners so much that he would pursue the very people who reject him!

How can that happen? How amazing is that?

The feat of the Biblical accounts telling a united story from people and the varied cultures over a 1,500 year time span is truly and absolutely unbelievable.

Imagine people from Seattle/Tacoma, in the rice paddies of India, the savannah of Africa, the Amazon jungle, with a computer programmer from Germany, a doctor from communist China, a poet from France, a shepherd from Argentina, an executive from London all corroborating to write a story about God today. Even with modern technology, with emails, computers, face to face conferencing, how likely would it be for all these people to be telling the same story about a loving God who pursues sinners?

And that’s people from the same time period. Imagine if people were spread out through time over 1,500 years! That’s people who’ve seen people travel to the moon and back to people who thought the earth was flat and the center of the universe.

And that’s exactly what we have in the Bible.

Truly, absolutely, beautifully unbelievable.

Yup…now you’re talking about my Bible.

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