Life Replenishment Plan for Days that Suck

Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 1.05.34 PMBecause life is life, there are days that suck.

It won’t be anything you’ve done. It’s mostly stuff that will happen to you as a result of events that are totally beyond your control. Other people make bad decisions and you and others will bear the brunt of the consequences of their actions.

Because life is life, there are days that suck.

I know. I had one yesterday.

The thing about days like yesterday is that not only do they suck, they actually suck the life out of you. And unless you are intentional about replenishing all the suck of yesterday, we will lead poorly. We will lead poorly because we will lead re-actively. We rarely make great decisions when life has been sucked out of us. It is absolutely essential to our leadership and our organizations that we lead well.

The only one who is responsible for replenishing life back into you as a leader, is you. No one else will do this for you. You are responsible for your welfare.

So what is your go to replenishment plan? Is it healthy? Is it God-honoring? Do you have a plan? What re-energizes you? What fills you with joy? You need a plan before you need a plan. Read that last sentence again. Plan now. Have a go to plan that you know fills you back up with life.

Finally, if your day sucked because you made poor decisions. Well, that’s on you. Forgive yourself and figure out how you can prevent that from happening again. Finally, don’t make sucking a habit!

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